There are millions of people who suffer with thick, discolored, brittle, and painful toenails in the United States alone. Over the years, there have been a seemingly endless list of treatments for discolored toenails. Whether it be a home remedy, over the counter topical medication, oral prescription drug, or surgery, many people continue to feel helpless that this problem just does not want to go away. Well, your wait is over.

Introducing a new, safe, painless, drug free, and surgery free way to clear those discolored toenails - NAIL LASER.

The concept of nail lasers has been around since the 1980’s, with researchers trying to treat onychomycosis ( nail fungus ) by making little holes in the nail plate so topical medication could penetrate. This “drilling” method was eventually found ineffective and the launch of more aggressive treatments, ie. oral medications (Lamisil and Sporonox), became the gold standard for fungal nail therapy for the past several decades. Over the years, these oral medications received a bad reputation with people fearing liver and kidney damage. The truth about these oral medications is that they are not for everybody. Like most medications, there are possible side effects, and blood work needs to be monitored. Yet, despite their downsides, they were more effective than topical medications. But times have changed, and not until recently has laser technology evolved and is becoming the most effective treatment in eliminating onychomycosis.

The laser used at my office uses a very specific wavelength of light, which targets and destroys the fungus. The surrounding skin and healthy nail tissue is left unharmed. The laser is completely painless, with only a mild warming sensation felt by some patients. The procedure only takes a few minutes per nail, and in as little as one treatment, you could be on your way to clear, beautiful toenails!

The New Concept in Treating Nail Fungus

Available today is a new, state of the art laser treatment that eliminates the need for potentially unsafe oral medication, ineffective topical medication, and no need for surgery or anesthesia.

Treatment is:

  • Fast - just minutes per toenail. The patient can come in during their lunch break, have the procedure performed, and return to work within the hour. There is absolutely no down time utilizing this new nail laser system.
  • Painless - no anesthesia or numbing medication needed.
  • Safe - laser can be used on practically anyone, regardless of health.
  • Effective - clinically achieving clear beautiful toenails with a rate over 80% , exceeding that of oral medications.

The laser used in my office is FDA approved for the treatment of onychomycosis and is the only FDA approved Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system on the market which specifically provides a revolutionary, minimally invasive and highly effective treatment for nail fungus .

Honestly, the only downside to this phenomenal treatment, is that it is not covered by insurance. But it is a small price to pay for clear, beautiful toenails which otherwise, could last you a lifetime if untreated.

Dr. Kolberg's Nail Laser Treatment Plan

  • If you have an interest in nail laser, consultations are always free.
  • Treatment generally takes 20-30 minutes . You could come in during lunch and return back to work the same afternoon.
  • The results I have been getting are not by chance. My philosophy on treating nail fungal infections is that " you cannot just treat the obvious" . I laser all toenails, regardless if you are coming in for just one.

How Much Does It Cost ?

  • Since nail laser is currently considered a non-covered medical service, we based its cost on the number of toenails you wish to treat. Starting at $300 for a single infected toenail, you will receive not one but three laser treatments. That is as little as $100 per session. Treatments are scheduled in three month intervals and generally take no more than 15 minutes.
  • In addition to laser treatment, you will receive two products to help maintain treatment and help prevent re-infection during the post-laser period. One is a topical anti-fungal solution to maintain a clean, fungal free toenail, and the other is a MycoMist Anti-fungal Spray to sterilize your shoes.
  • As always, consultations are FREE. If you would like to have your toenails evaluated, and discuss if nail laser is for you, call my office and ask for a free consultation. Please note: nail laser is not for everyone. I have been performing this procedure for many years and have helped hundred's of patients achieve clear toenails. If your goal is to have clear, beautiful toenails, it is my passion to help you achieve that, whether it be through laser treatment, or another treatment option.


  • As an adjunct to nail laser, or simply offered by itself, my office is now offering the KERY flex TM Nail Restoration System . This phenonmenal product is designed for the patient who wants a full cosmetic nail that looks and behaves like a real toenail, while all along protecting and treating an undesirable nail underneath.

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